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Karnataka Government Formation : The Night Before The D-Day

File Picture Courtesy : ABP News
File Picture Courtesy : ABP News

4pm, tomorrow- 19 May 2018, Saturday, will bring the chaotic melodrama in Karnataka politics to a halt. May be for sometime or months. For the side that comes out victorious in the floor of the assembly, may not find it easy to sail through smoothly, given that there are some, as reported by the media, ready to jump the fence, players.

Interestingly, at the moment, both BJP and Congress-JD (S )groups exude confidence and claim to have the requisite numbers to show in the assembly.

But one thing is for sure, tonight is going to be a night to remember for all the political leaders of Karnataka, as all deals will be settled, preferably and probably, before the dawn, tomorrow.

In the southern coastal state, extremely important for Congress, BJP and JD (S), it all began with the Congress joining hands with its pre poll adversary JDS, even before the final vote had been counted. It was extremely surprising, given both the parties had been at loggerheads. Voters, dissatisfied with the Congress had cast in favour of JDS and vice versa. If at all there had to be an alliance, it should have been a pre poll one, not after the results were declared. By doing so, both the parties demonstrated how much (or less) they cared for the sentiment of the voters (people) of the state.

Congress, has had a long history of fiddling with constitutional values. With the sole aim of grabbing power, it forgot the rule book of the country. Now, BJP-the party with a difference-seems to have learned the art from its adversary. It wants power at all costs. Though it was short of majority, it swiftly entered into post poll alliances and kept the Congress out of power, but in Karnataka, whether its leaders agree or not, the master strategist Amit Shah led party, was taken by a surprise. In plan words, the party was outsmarted by the Congress-JDS.

However, being the party in power in the centre, it promptly, moved ahead using the luxurious routes, via the Governor’s house and BS Yeddyurappa took oath, following the midnight drama of the Congress moving the Supreme court.

The apex court, graciously enough accepted the matter and heard past midnight till the wee hours. Amidst, the messy politics with the BJP and Congress-JD (S) trading charges of ‘murdering the democracy’ on each other, the Supreme Court, as it has always displayed, stood tall as the protector of constitution, Hats off to Indian Judiciary. Rahul Gandhi must watch his words before he spoke anything about the Judiciary, in future.

The post Karnataka polls verdict episode is indeed a classic example of the excess of wrongs political parties can commit to grab power.

Lust of power is supreme, perhaps. Otherwise, how would Congress JD (S )join hands, or BJP PDP form an alliance. Or for that matter Mayawati-Akhilesh come together or the Communists extend support to the Congress? Politics, they say, make strange bedfellows.

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