Kareena Kapoor Khan Opens Up On Good Newwz, And Need To Get Honest Views From Close People

As she awaits her next film Good Newwz with superstar Akshay Kumar, 39 year old actress Kareena Kapoor Khan Khan has opened on the people she would like to have around her . she expects people who are close to her to tell her honest views about her films. The film also stars Diljit Dosanjh, and Kiara Advani in key roles and directed by Raj Mehta.

When asked can one be honest about someone’s work in the industry, Kareena told PTI, “I don’t think so. They don’t take it well. If you want the truth, they don’t take it well. I’d like someone to tell me if they didn’t like a particular film, at least the people I am close to, I’d expect the honest truth.”

Kareena said she has been relevant over all these years because she has never surrounded herself with “yes men”.

“It’s important for actors and stars to have people around them to show them the reality. I’m very practical when it comes to that. I’ve never liked having yes men around me. Probably early on when you’re young, you get excited and do that but now I’m way too practical,” she added.

Kareena, 39, has always been vocal about her opinions, both about people and films. She, however, believes the actors today are politically correct with “everyone praising everyone.”

She agreed that she would have been more guarded about her opinions if she were to debut today.

“I think so. May be I was very bold, the kind of person I was for then. Today, it’s the digital age, everyone has an opinion. Everyone is talking about what films they should do, what clothes are being worn.

“I’m happy my voice is not heard and then it was. I enjoyed that time and now I’m enjoying this time of watching everyone and hearing everyone, which is great.”

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