Janata Curfew : Odisha Responds To Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Call With Amazing Solidarity

On May 3, last year, even when the Cyclone Fani was enacting it’s fury, trees were tumbling down due to 210 km wind coupled with very heavy rainfall, some people, mostly youths we’re visible on the roads. It was a similar picture almost everywhere in Bhubaneswar, one of the worst hit by the tropical cyclone.

However, today, none, not even one person is visible outside his/her house. It’s an unimaginable spectacle.

The response to PM Modi’s call for Janata curfew has been amazing

Just a few minutes before 7 am, some people were having tea at a stall near Jaydev Vihar, a key spot in Odisha’s capital. However as the PCR approached, the crowd dispersed.

At Master Canteen square, the heart of the city is the main railway station. It’s difficult to spot one, there.

Same is the case in Cuttack and Puri, the two large towns close to Bhubaneswar.

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