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Jairam Ramesh Warns Against The Dangers Of Having One Nation , One Election

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As the Law Commission is holding consultations with several political parties on the feasibility of holding simultaneous polls, there appears to be logjam as several parties have expressed their reservations on the issue. There is growing fear that is simultaneous are held it would only allow national players and issues to dominate the poll s and thereby putting the smaller parties on a disadvantage .

Voicing his view on the issue,  Congress leader Jairam Ramesh has reportedly said that the National Democratic Alliance government’s ‘One Nation, One Election’ proposal is a debacle in successive elections.

While addressing an event Ramesh said, “By supporting ‘One Nation, One Election’, you are denying yourself the ability to enforce some accountability of the executive. It is the debacle in successive elections in the last 12 months but has made the current Prime Minister more aware of the concerns of farmers, unemployed, rural landless labour.”

Jairam Ramesh also took a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi without referring to him when he tweeted

“If you have had One nation, One election, you elect somebody and then for the next five years you have no opportunity whatsoever of making your voice heard. We are a system in which our voice is heard only through elections,” he added.

Criticising the proposal, the Congress leader further said, “You have to suffer for five years if you have one nation one election.”

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