Jacqueline Fernandez Granted Permission By Court To Travel To Dubai For PepsiCo India Conference

The Patiala House Court of Delhi has allowed Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez to travel to Dubai from January 27 to January 30 to attend the PepsiCo India Conference.

The Additional Sessions Judge Shailender Malik on Friday while granting permission said that this court is very much conscious of the case which is at crucial stage when the matter is being heard at the point of charges and the case involves a very high stake in the sense that there are very serious allegations made against the accused persons including accused/applicant.

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However that fact by itself cannot be a reason to deprive the accused at this stage of travelling abroad when she is to fulfil her professional commitments, said the Court.

More particularly when it is pointed out by Counsel for the accused that on account of her acting career accused/ applicant has been nominated for the prestigious Oscars Award. In such situation it is all the more necessary for the sake of the pride of the country that unnecessary restrictions may not be imposed unless it is required for the accused said the court.

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The court said the accused shall submit an FDR to the tune of Rs 1 crore along with an undertaking that in case of her not return, the ‘DR shall be forfeited in favour of the ED along with the surety of Rs 1 crore. The accused/applicant shall submit her itinerary, place of stay and the number at which she can be contacted. On her return, the accused/applicant shall inform the investigating agency about her return.

The court made it clear that the LOC against the accused/ applicant issued in this case shall stand suspended during the aforesaid period.

However, ED has opposed the travel abroad plea stating that the accused/applicant did not cooperate in the investigation and rather tried to conceal the evidence. It is stated that the case is at the crucial stage of consideration on charge and there is sufficient oral and documentary evidence against the accused/applicant.

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On Wednesday, Jacqueline moved an application seeking permission to travel to Dubai from January 27 to January 30, 2023, to attend the PepsiCo India conference.

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