Jacqueline Fernandez Gets Candid On The #Me Too Movement

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File Picture

Many actresses have spoken about the # Me Too movement in the recent days. And not top be left behind on the issue is the Kick and Race 3 actress the gorgeous Jacqueline Fernandez.

When asked about the raging issue, the actress reportedly stated : ” sexual exploitation is not an industry-specific issue as predators are everywhere, “sometimes in our own household”.

“It’s very important that we remember that gender dialogue is conversation that has been long overdue. Let’s not limit it to our industry. It’s a dialogue that has long been overdue in our society as well.

“Unfortunately, the sad truth is that sexual predators are all around us. They are sometimes in our own household,” Jacquline told reporters.

The actress said the issue is not entirely about sex but about power struggle.

The actress also made heads turn and was in the news when she appeared on the ramp for designer Monica & Karishma during the 10th anniversary of Jade in Mumbai. She looked hot and sexy in plunging sexy red gown.

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