It Is Not Possible And Unconstitutional If States Do Not Implement CAA – Kapil Sibal

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Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal, in a telling statement on the on- going protests against the CAA has said that there is no way a state can deny the implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Act when it is already passed by the Parliament. If it does so it would be “unconstitutional” .

“If the CAA is passed no state can say ‘I will not implement it’. It is not possible and is unconstitutional. You can oppose it, you can pass a resolution in the Assembly and ask the central government to withdraw it.

“But constitutionally saying that I won’t implement it is going to be problematic and going to create more difficulties,” said the former minister of law and justice on the third day of the Kerala Literature Festival.

The Kerala government earlier this week moved the Supreme Court against the CAA, seeking to declare it “violative of the principles of equality, freedom and secularism enshrined in the Constitution”.

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