INX Media Money Laundering Case : Supreme Court Grants Bail To P Chidambaram After 105 Days In Tihar Jail

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In a big relief for senior Congress leader and former finance minister P Chidambaram, the Supreme Court has granted him bail in the INX media money laundering case.

He has been granted bail on a bail bond of Rs 2 lakh and two sureties. He has also been forbidden to hold any press conference or make any statement on the case. He also cannot travel without court permission.

The SC also directed Chidambaram that he should not temper with the evidence and not influence the witnesses. He should also not give press interviews or make public statements in connection with this case. Chidambaram was in Tihar jail for 105 days . He will walk out of Tihar soon after the procedures are completed.

Son Karti Chidambaram in sigh of relief tweeted

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