India’s Money Heist By Anirban Bhattacharyya

India’s Money Heist by Anirban Bhattacharyya is a riveting true account of India’s biggest bank robbery, narrated by the mastermind criminals who pulled it off and the incredible team who cracked the case.

Releasing today, it narrates how a sleepy town in Kerala called Chelembra found itself in the national headlines for the country’s biggest bank heist to the tune of a whopping Rs 8 crores, which included 80 kg of gold on New Year’s Eve.

A crime that was supposedly inspired by a Bollywood blockbuster, this is the sensational story of that heist seen from both sides of the coin- the planning and execution by the mastermind criminals, and the difficult, yet thrilling, investigation by the Kerala police team led by P. Vijayan.

Published by Penguin Random House India, written by the creator-producer of Savdhaan India, the producer of Crime Patrol, and the bestselling author of The Deadly Dozen: India’s Most Notorious Serial Killers, India’s Money Heist is the true story behind one of India’s most sensational bank heists.

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