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# India Elections 2019 : TMC Rejects BJP’s Violence Charge, Calls Amit Shah A Liar

Picture : Twitter / ANI

Picture : Twitter / ANI

The BJP and the Trinamool Congress have been trading charges and counter charges over the poll violence in West Bengal   The desecration of  the bust of the iconic reformist Ishwar Chanrdra Vidyasagar has further intensified the bitter battle between the two parties . As both blame each other for it.

Soon after BJP president Amit Shah held a press  conference and blamed the TMC for the violence, The TMC has replied to the BJP’s charge.

Trinamool Congress leader and Raya Sabha MP Derek O’Brien held a press conference over the violence and the desecration of the bust of the reformist Ishwar Chanrdra Vidyasagar . And he blamed the BJP for the act.

O’ Brien lashed out at Amit Shah saying, “I do not have words to condemn the incident. I am myself ashamed… that, as people of Bengal, we cannot respect Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar because of these BJP goons. These leaders will be leaders of the nation? Those who cannot respect icons?”

Answering a question on Amit Shah’s presser where the BJP president alleged that the TMC was responsible for the violation and the desecration, O’Brien said, “Amit Shah is a con-master. Amit Shah is a liar.”

“Anybody can come and do a procession, but what were the outsiders doing there… Who is this fellow Tejinder Bagga? Who is he? He was arrested, is he not the same guy who slapped somebody in Delhi? You have taken in your outsider goons.

“BJP hired goons from outside. We are not alleging that the BJP is responsible for the desecration of the Vidyasagar’s statue, we have proof that they did it. The video is proof. “

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