General Elections 2019

India Elections 2019 : Kanimozhi Slams Income Tax Raids, Insists BJP Cannot Stop Her From Winning

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As Tamil Nadu votes during the second phase on April 18, the war of words between the BJP and DMK have already begun. This situation arose after Income raids in the premises of DMK leader Kanimozhi .

Reacting to the raids Kanimozhi said that the BJP cannot prevent her from winning in the Lok Sabha elections.

She also dubbed the raids as “anti-democratic, deliberately planned and tested”.

“The BJP cannot prevent my success through this income tax raid. The raid is anti-democratic, deliberately planned and tested, and no documents have been seized,” Kanimozhi told reporters after completion of raids.

“They want to intimidate us through this. They have come to stop elections in Thoothukudi. DMK volunteers will be working with more enthusiasm,” she added.

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