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#India Elections 2019 : Exit Polls Say It Is Advantage NDA, Modi Wave Intact, All Eyes On May 23

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The much awaited exit polls results have come out on May 19. And many of them are unanimous of the projection that the advantage is with the NDA and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi if the numbers hold on then he could get his second term as Prime Minister . And some suggest the Modi wave like in 2014 is intact and visible again in 2019. Will it prove true. Only May 23 will have the answer.

Numbers in states like Uttar Pradesh , West Bengal have been different and could hold the key .

However, a number of exit polls predicted big losses for the BJP in Uttar Pradesh, where it had won 71 seats in 2014, but the saffron party appeared to make major gains in other states.

All these numbers are a big ” if” . The real numbers as to who gets how much will be revealed when the counting takes place on May 23. Till then one needs to keep fingers crossed .

The CNN News18-Ipsos exit poll said the BJP-led alliance can win a whopping 336 seats with the saffron party getting a majority on its own. It projected only 46 seats for the Congress and 82 for its allies.

In 2014, the NDA had won 336 seats and the Congress 44. The BJP had notched up its maiden majority by bagging 282 seats.

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