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#Indi Elections 2019 : After Furore, Mamata Banerjee Clarifies, It is Slap Of Democracy, Not Slap On PM

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West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee under fire for her slap of democracy jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has now reportedly clarified her remark. “I have never said I will slap the PM. I had said slap of democracy, try to understand the language. Slap of democracy means peoples’ mandate. Why should I be slapping the PM? says Mamata.

ON Tuesday, the furious Trinamool Congress supremo had said that Narendra Modi should get a tight slap of democracy, as she hit back at the prime minister for alleging repeatedly saying that her government is run by extortionist syndicates.

Narendra Modi today hit back at the West Bengal Chief Minister saying her “slap” will be a blessing for him. “I have been told that Didi has said that she wants to slap Modi. Mamata Didi I call you ‘Didi’, respect you. Your slap will become a blessing for me. I am ready to take that,” Prime Minister Modi said while addressing a rally here.

“But I will also say that you won’t feel scared if you would have dared to slap those who, in the name of chit fund, looted the money of poor people,” he added.

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