In A facebook Post Arun Jaitley Slams Congress, Says Its Statements On Air Strikes Hurt National Interest

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Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has made a scathing attack on the Congress . He said their statements have hurt India’s national interest and have given a handle to Pakistan to discredit the country.

Within days of India’s air strike at Balakot, 21 Opposition parties led by the Congress passed a resolution accusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi of politicising the Pulwama and Balakot incidents.

“Statements made by Opposition parties (after IAF’s counter terror operation in Balakot) hurt India’s national interest. They give smiles to Pakistan and become an instrument in Pakistan’s hands to discredit India’s operation against terrorism,” Jaitley said in a blog, stressing that on such occasions the nation ought to speak in one voice as was done by Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Jan Sangh during the 1971 war.

Terming the resolution passed by 21 Opposition parties as inappropriate, he said, it gave a handle to the enemy and Pakistan’s media used the statement as a trump card.

“The credibility of both the government and our Air Force is being doubted. Even Congress leaders have raised similar questions,” he said in a Facebook post titled ‘India’s Opposition Has A Lot To Learn.’

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