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Improper But Not Political Say Police About 2018 Arrest Of Stormy Daniels At A Strip Club

Picture Courtesy : Marie Claire
Picture Courtesy : Marie Claire

According to an internal police department review that was released recently  the 2018 arrest of Stormy Daniels at a Columbus strip club was improper but not planned ahead of time or politically motivated.

According to  a report by news agency AP, the investigation looked into allegations that police officers who support Republican President Donald Trump conspired to retaliate against the porn actress over her claims she had sex with Trump before he became president.

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, was arrested in July on suspicion of inappropriately touching an undercover officer. Prosecutors dropped charges hours later, saying the law cited in Daniels’ arrest applied only to those who regularly performed at the club.

Picture Courtesy : celebzz.com
Picture Courtesy : celebzz.com

Officers who went to Sirens strip club that night were targeting the club and not Daniels as part of an ongoing investigation into alleged illegal activity, according to the head of the city vice squad. Those alleged activities including human trafficking, underage drinking and drug dealing, the report said.

But the investigation that night shifted to a narrower investigation of alleged illegal touching of customers by dancers, according to the report.

Officers chose to obtain evidence for such touching “by placing themselves, unnecessarily, at risk and potential for physical contact with Ms. Clifford,” the report concluded.

Afterward, Daniels did not “make a complaint or comment about any officer making a political related remark or statement to her about President Trump,” Lt. Ronald Kemmerling, vice section lieutenant, told investigators.

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