Iam A Hindu Not A Hindutvadi, Mahatma Gandhi A Hindu, Nathuram Godse A Hindutvadi – Rahul Gandhi

Picture : Twitter / ANI

At a mega rally in Jaipur against inflation , former Congress president Rahul Gandhi took on the Modi government. In a scathing attack he said India is a country of Hindus and not Hindutvadis.

The rally was attended by party president Sonia Gandhi , General secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, Chhattisgarh CM Bhupesh Baghel and former Madhya Pradesh CM Digvijya Singh. Rahlu accused “Hindutvadi” Prime Minister Narendra Modi of backstabbing farmers and favouring a handful of industrialists.

“This is a country of Hindus, not Hindutvadis,” he said at the meeting, a show of strength just months ahead of assembly elections in key states like Uttar Pradesh and Punjab.

“Who is Hindu? The one who embraces everybody, fears nobody, and respects every religion,” said  Rahul Gandhi at the party’s rally against inflation in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

“Hindutvadis have to be ousted once again and the rule of Hindus brought about in the country,” he told a packed stadium. “I am a Hindu and not a Hindutvadi,” he said.

In Indian politics today said Rahul  as quoted by ANI , there is a competition between two worlds — ‘Hindu’ and ‘Hindutvavadi’. The two words have different meanings. I am Hindu but not Hindutvavadi… Mahatma Gandhi was a Hindu but Godse was Hindutavadi

Rahul said the mahatma spent his entire life searching for the truth. “But in the end a Hindutvadi fired three bullets into his chest.”

A Hindutvadi spends his entire life seeking power and has nothing to do with truth and can do anything for power, even if he has to beat or kill someone, he said. “His way is Sattagrah and not Satyagrah.”

He said no scripture, be it Gita or Ramayana, says “the poor have to be killed and downtrodden crushed”.

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