#Himachal Pradesh : Prime Minister Narendra Modi Does What He Does Best Slam Congress ; Accuses It Of Stopping Development

Picture : Twitter/ ANI

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday accused Congress of neglecting Himachal Pradesh as it was a small state that sends only four MPs to Lok Sabha and playing with many lives by indulging in corruption in defence deals.

Stressing that every single vote cast on November 12 will define the development journey of the hill state for the next 25 years, Modi, at an election rally here, urged the people to start a new tradition by voting back the BJP into power to ensure stability and progress.

With the state having the precedent of the incumbent being voted out, Modi said whenever Congress came back, all development works came to a standstill.

Changing medicines frequently neither helps in curing the ailment nor benefits anyone, he said, while seeking another term for the ruling BJP.

“If you want to seek accountability and answers from the government, you should give it a chance again. Together, we will take Himachal forward, start new ‘riwaaz’ (custom), and bring BJP back to power.”

Making false promises and giving false guarantees has been the Congress’ old trick, he alleged, adding that it never even opened its manifesto while the BJP is known for toiling day and night to fulfil what it says and referred to the abrogation of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir and building Ram Temple at Ayodhya.

Did we not fulfill the promise of abrogation of 370? We had promised Ram Temple. Today, Ram Mandir is being built, he said.

After Independence, Congress committed the country’s first scam in the defence sector, Prime Minister Modi alleged.

During its regime, Congress always took commissions in defence deals. It committed scams of thousands of crores, he alleged at the poll rally in Sundernagar in Mandi district which is the home district of Chief Minister Jairam Thakur, who also addressed the gathering.

“The Congress never wanted the country to become self-reliant in defence material… It always wanted ‘commission’ in every defence deal. It wanted to fill the coffers of its leaders. Because of this, there was always a delay in the purchase of weapons.

“Who suffered the most? It was the brave mother of Himachal Pradesh, who sent her son to the border, suffered the most. Sisters who lost their brothers,’ he said referring to the kin of soldiers.

The Congress played with many lives by taking a commission in arms deals, Modi alleged.

Being a small state Congress did not consider it of significance politically with just 3 to 4 LS MPs. Because of their mindset, Congress never gave priority to Himachal’s development and the state fell behind,” he said.

“The Himachal polls this time are special because the votes which will be cast on November 12 are not just for the coming five years. Every single vote which will be cast on November 12 will define the development journey of HP for the next 25 years,” Modi said.

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