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HarperCollins India : STRANGE By Shreya Sen-Handley

Imagine: A disenchanted wife embarks on a one-night stand…

A wheelchair-bound poet comes home to roost, upsetting the balance of his career’s life.

A troubled mother finds solace in an unusual place.

“There was something about the room, too, that had

begun to disturb me. It had an atmosphere. Not eerie,

quite the opposite. It would draw me in and make me want

to stay, feeling like I was visiting a confidante for a chat.

But I knew the hold it had on us was odd…..”

The book has thirteen twisted tales about everyday people whose lives take unforeseen turns. The characters suddenly find themselves drawn inexorably into encounters and situations that weren’t part of their plan, but which result in the shocking revelation of buried parts of their psyches. The author weaves stories around themes like horror, infidelity, mental health, guilt, loss and survival amongst other themes. This book will have you engrossed as you try to guess what happens at the end of each story and its characters will haunt you for a long time after you’ve turned the last page.

About the Author:

Shreya Sen-Handley is an author, journalist, illustrator and librettist. After years of writing and filming for international media organisations, National Geographic, The Guardian, Times of India, MTV and BBC amongst them, she has embarked on a book- and opera-writing adventure, collaborating with the Welsh National Opera on a production that will tour the UK in 2020, and with HarperCollins on a clutch of books, including the award-winning ‘Memoirs of My Body’ published in 2017. She has also illustrated for HarperCollins, and Hachette, and taught creative writing for British institutions such as the Universities of Nottingham and Cambridge.

‘The author is adept at evoking an atmosphere of fear in apparently mundane situations. After reading some of these dark tales I found myself looking under my bed. Masterful!’– Ruskin Bond.

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