HarperCollins India : Brand New Nation : Capitalist Dreams And Nationalist Designs In Twenty-First-Century India

The early twenty-first century was an optimistic moment of global futures-making. The old ‘third-world’ nations were rapidly embracing the script of unbridled capitalism in the hope of arriving on the world stage.

Brand New Nation reveals the on-the-ground experience of the relentless transformation of the nation-state into an attractive investment destination for global capital. The infusion of capital not only rejuvenates the nation, it also produces investment-fuelled nationalism, a populist energy that can be turned into a powerful instrument of coercion.

Grounded in the history of modern India, the book reveals how the forces of identity economy, identity politics, publicity, populism, violence and economic growth are rapidly rearranging the liberal political order the world over.

Brand New Nation : Capitalist Dreams and Nationalist Designs in Twenty-First-Century India
By Ravinder Kaur
Pages: 368
Price : Rs 599
Harper Collins India

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