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Harish Salve Hopes Pakistan Would Comply With The Judgment And Not Violate It

Picture : Twitter / ANI
Picture : Twitter / ANI

The International Court of Justice verdict calling for the consular access to Kulbhushan Jadhav and making it incumbent upon Pakistan to ensure an effective review of its legal processes is a victory of the rule of law that has ‘gladdened our hearts’, India’s lead counsel in the case Harish Salve said reported PTI .

The senior advocate said that he hoped Pakistan would fully comply with the judgment and that its conduct will be under watch in case it chooses to ‘brazenly violate’ the ruling in any way.

“There is relief, satisfaction and a lot of hope. The judgment has restored our faith in the rule of law, in the ICJ and in the systems which we as mankind put together to protect the citizens of the world, Salve said.

“We had challenged the conduct of Pakistan in its brazen refusal to adhere to the Vienna Convention and allow consular access to Mr Jadhav… The court found Pakistan guilty of internationally wrongful acts and that it must cease those acts,” he said.

Asked about the measures India has at its disposal to ensure the verdict is complied with, Salve said it is important to be ‘positive’ after such a positive ruling.

He, however, added that any violations of the order would mean taking things back to the ICJ to seek further instructions. Sanctions in the United Nations Security Council and other remedies could also come into play.

“Their conduct is under watch and any farcical attempts will not go unnoticed…The power of all the courts is the power of public opinion. And if a country decides to behave rogue and not comply, there are measures available,” Salve said.

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