#Gujarat AssemblyPolls2022 : Fierce Attack ! Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge Calls Prime Minister Narendra Modi ‘Leader Of Lies’

Picture : Twitter/ ANI

In what is seen as the fiercest attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi days ahead of the voting in Gujarat Assembly polls 2022, Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge  has termed him as a “leader of lies”.

The Congress chief accused the BJP and its top leaders of resorting to prevarications in order to gain the sympathy of the people.

Addressing an election rally in Dediapada in Narmada district, Kharge said, “They ask us, especially Modiji and Shah (Amit Shah) what the Congress has done in 70 years. If we have not done anything in 70 years then you wouldn’t have democracy in the country.

“A person like you (PM Modi) claims to be poor. I am also poor, am one of the untouchables. People drank your tea, nobody would’ve had my tea. Then you say that you are poor and somebody abuses you. If you say it for sympathy then people have become smarter now. If you lie once or twice people will hear but how many times will you lie? He’s the leader of lies…”

Addressing a press conference . Kharge quoted by ANI said, instead of bringing change in the state, they (BJP) changed the CM, and three CMs were changed in six years. That means they (BJP govt) haven’t done any work in the state.

Training huis guns at BJP’s vitriolic campaign, Kharge further said, as quoted ANI , BJP’s national leaders are roaming from ward to ward in Gujarat. Even after 27 yrs of rule PM, Union HM and their other states’ CMs are coming here & giving provocative speeches while misleading the people. There must be fear behind that.

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