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Floods In Nepal : Glacial Outburst Could Be The Main Cause , Sindhupalchok District Area Vulnerable to Earthquakes, Landslides

Picture : Twitter / ANI

The flash flood incident in Sindhupalchok district of Nepal is suspected to be caused by glacial outburst in a high lying area bordering Tibet, said a government official, reported ANI.

Speaking to ANI, Rudra Prasad Dulal, Ward Chair of Sindhupalchok ward 11 confirmed that the incident can be the result of a glacial outburst near Tibetan territory which has resulted in loss of millions of rupees.

“Reason behind this flash flood is attributed to heavy rainfall in upper lying areas. Shaken by the 2072 (Nepali date of 2015 earthquake) earthquake, creeks on the inner areas of the hills are suspected to be swept by large masses of ice and muds contained by it. We have suspected it to be a reason for flooding,” Rudra Prasad Dulal said.

He also added that incessant rainfall and movement of ice masses underneath the glaciers which ran down the hill have been dumped here in low lying areas. “We are suspecting it to be a glacial outburst,” Dulal stressed.

One of the epicenters of 2015 earthquake, Sindhupalchok has been witnessing damages due to floods and landslides on an annual basis. With the onset of monsoon in the Himalayan nation, incidents of floods and landslides are expected to rise further.

Earlier, Meteorologists of Nepal and other South Asian nations had predicted that monsoon for the year 2021 will arrive earlier than last year and that Nepal and some other Asian countries are expected to receive normal to above-normal rainfall.

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