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Find out what Maria Sharapova has to say in her book coming soon

Picture Courtesy : News.com.au
Picture Courtesy : News.com.au

Russian tennis superstar Maria Sharapova’s book cover was officially revealed to the public. The Russian tennis player, whose autobiography will come out on September 12th, explained the reasons why she wrote this book. ‘In part, it’s to tell my story, and it’s also to understand it,’ the former world no.1. She revealed all in a story on the site : www.tennisworldusa.org/news

Picture Courtesy : Tennis World USA
Picture Courtesy : Tennis World USA

‘In many ways, my childhood is a mystery, even to me. I’m always being asked the same questions: How did I get here? How did I do it? What went right, what went wrong? As I said, if I’m known for one thing, it’s toughness, my ability to keep going when things look bad.

People want to know where that quality comes from and, because everyone is hoping for their own chance, how to acquire it. I’ve never figured it out myself. In part, it’s because of who knows? If you look too deeply, maybe you destroy it.

It’s my life and I want to tell it. I talk to reporters, but I never tell everything I know. Maybe now is the time to open up the door for more questions, and to make sense of my life and get down the early days before I forget.

I hope people take away every kind of lesson, good and bad. This is a story about sacrifice, what you have to give up. But it’s also just the story of a girl and her father and their crazy adventure.’ And that crazy journey is about when at age six she moved to Florida to train in the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy.

She was with her father, and at that time both did not speak English and they were not rich at all: they had only $700. 11 years after entering the Bollettieri Academy, at 17 Sharapova won her first Grand Slam title in Wimbledon, then the following year she became world no.1 and has won five Grand Slam titles so far.

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