#Fight Against COVID-19 : Rahul Gandhi Wants Government To Be Transparent In Its Actions, Seeks Post May 17 Strategy

Picture : Twitter / ANI

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi while addressing a press conference through video conference has said the Government must start giving transparency to its actions in fighting COVID-19 by cooperating with states and making them partners in decision-making.

Rahul said the lockdown is not an on/off switch and it is a transition which requires cooperation of all – Centre, states, district magistrates and the people of India. #RahulFightsForIndia

Rahul  also called upon the prime minister to devolve power and take the states and district magistrates into confidence. “We need to decentralise power in dealing with the virus. If we keep this fight only in PMO, we will lose. The PM must devolve power. If we centralise, there will be a calamity. PM has to trust chief ministers and chief ministers have to trust district magistrates,” he said. Gandhi also called upon the government to tell the people what criteria it would use to open the lockdown or continue it post May 17.

This is not the time to criticise, we need a strategy to open the lockdown. Any businessman will tell you that there is a clash between economic supply chain and ‘red, orange and green zones’, that need to be resolved, said Rahul.

Earlier Rahul in a hindi tweet expressed shock over the news of migrants killed in Aurangabad while they were sleeping on a rail track by a goods train

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