FIFA World Cup Russia 2018

FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 : Take A Quick Look At The Schedule, Venues, IST Timings

Picture Courtesy : SB Nation

Picture Courtesy : SB Nation

Russia are the hosts of the FIFA World Cup 2018. It is the 21st Edition of the football’s most ultimate prize. The mega tournament kicks off on June 14th with hosts Russia taking on Saudi Arabia in a Group A encounter at the Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow. The final will be on July 15th – Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow.

The World Cup will see a total of 32 teams taking part for the second last time, with Qatar in 2022 being the last edition before the 2026 World Cup opens up 16 more slots to make it a 48 team event.

The 32 teams have been divided into four groups, with the biggest misses being Italy and Holland in terms of the traditional powerhouses.

Hosts Russia, are in Group A, with top contenders Spain in Group B along with European champions Portugal. Defending champions Germany have been placed in Group F.

The 32 team tournament will see 64 keenly contested matches spread out over 12 venues in 11 cities in Russia.

Here is quick look at the venues, schedules and timings of the global event. All timings are IST.

Thursday, June 14 Russia v Saudi Arabia (A) Moscow (Luzhniki) 08:30PM
Friday, June 15 Egypt v Uruguay (A) Ekaterinburg 05:30PM
Friday, June 15 Morocco v Iran (B) St Petersburg 08:30PM
Friday, June 15 Portugal v Spain (B) Sochi 11:30PM
Saturday, June 16 France v Australia (C) Kazan 03:30PM
Saturday, June 16 Argentina v Iceland (D) Moscow (Spartak) 06:30PM
Saturday, June 16 Peru v Denmark (C) Saransk 09:30PM
Sunday, June 17 Costa Rica v Serbia (E) Samara 05:30PM
Sunday, June 17 Germany v Mexico (F) Moscow (Luzhniki) 08:30PM
Sunday, June 17 Brazil v Switzerland (E) Rostov-on-Don 11:30PM
Monday, June 18 Sweden v South Korea (F) Nizhny Novgorod 05:30PM
Monday, June 18 Belgium v Panama (G) Sochi 08:30PM
Monday, June 18 Tunisia v England (G) Volgograd 11:30PM
Tuesday, June 19 Colombia v Japan (H) Saransk 05:30PM
Tuesday, June 19 Poland v Senegal (H) Moscow (Spartak) 08:30PM
Tuesday, June 19 Russia v Egypt (A) St Petersburg 11:30PM
Wednesday, June 20 Portugal v Morocco (B) Moscow (Luzhniki) 05:30PM
Wednesday, June 20 Uruguay v Saudi Arabia (A) Rostov-on-Don 08:30PM
Wednesday, June 20 Iran v Spain (B) Kazan 11:30PM
Thursday, June 21 Denmark v Australia (C) Samara 05:30PM
Thursday, June 21 France v Peru (C) Ekaterinburg 08:30PM
Thursday, June 21 Argentina v Croatia (D) Nizhny Novgorod 11:30PM
Friday, June 22 Brazil v Costa Rica (E) St Petersburg 05:30PM
Friday, June 22 Nigeria v Iceland (D) Volgograd 08:30PM
Friday, June 22 Serbia v Switzerland (E) Kaliningrad 11:30PM
Saturday, June 23 Belgium v Tunisia (G) Moscow (Spartak) 05:30PM
Saturday, June 23 South Korea v Mexico (F) Rostov-on-Don 08:30PM
Saturday, June 23 Germany v Sweden (F) Sochi 11:30PM
Sunday, June 24 England v Panama (G) Nizhny Novgorod 05:30PM
Sunday, June 24 Japan v Senegal (H) Ekaterinburg 08:30PM
Sunday, June 24 Poland v Colombia (H) Kazan 11:30PM
Monday, June 25 Uruguay v Russia (A) Samara 7:30PM
Monday, June 25 Saudi Arabia v Egypt (A) Volgograd 7:30PM
Monday, June 25 Spain v Morocco (B) Kaliningrad 11:30PM
Monday, June 25 Iran v Portugal (B) Saransk 11:30PM
Tuesday, June 26 Denmark v France (C) Moscow (Luzhniki) 7:30PM
Tuesday, June 26 Australia v Peru (C) Sochi 7:30PM
Tuesday, June 26 Nigeria v Argentina (D) St Petersburg 11:30PM
Tuesday, June 26 Iceland v Croatia (D) Rostov-on-Don 11:30PM
Wednesday, June 27 South Korea v Germany (F) Kazan 7:30PM
Wednesday, June 27 Mexico v Sweden (F) Ekaterinburg 7:30PM
Wednesday, June 27 Serbia v Brazil (E) Moscow (Spartak) 11:30PM
Wednesday, June 27 Switzerland v Costa Rica (E) Nizhny Novgorod 11:30PM
Thursday, June 28 Japan v Poland (H) Volgograd 7:30PM
Thursday, June 28 Senegal v Colombia (H) Samara 7:30PM
Thursday, June 28 England v Belgium (G) Kaliningrad 11:30PM
Thursday, June 28 Panama v Tunisia (G) Saransk 11:30PM

Saturday, June 30 1C v 2D (Match 50) Kazan 7:30PM
Saturday, June 30 1A v 2B (Match 49) Sochi 11:30PM
Sunday, July 1 1B v 2A (Match 51) Moscow 7:30PM
Sunday, July 1 1D v 2C (Match 52) Nizhny Novgorod 11:30PM
Monday, July 2 1E v 2F (Match 53) Samara 7:30PM
Monday, July 2 1G v 2H (Match 54) Rostov-on-Don 11:30PM
Tuesday, July 3 1F v 2E (Match 55) St Petersburg 7:30PM
Tuesday, July 3 1H v 2G (Match 56) Moscow (Spartak) 11:30PM

Friday, July 6 Winner 49 v winner 50 (57) Nizhny Novgorod 7:30PM
Friday, July 6 Winner 53 v winner 54 (58) Kazan 11:30PM
Saturday, July 7 Winner 55 v winner 56 (60) Samara 7:30PM
Saturday, July 7 Winner 51 v winner 52 (59) Sochi 11:30PM

Tuesday, July 10 Winner 57 v winner 58 St Petersburg 11:30PM
Wednesday, July 11 Winner 59 v winner 60 Moscow (Luzhniki) 11:30PM

Saturday, July 14 Losers of two semi-finals St Petersburg 7:30PM

Sunday, July 15 Winners of two-semi-finals Moscow (Luzhniki) 08:30PM

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