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Fear Of God By Vadhan : A Gripping Suspense Thriller With A Mystery At Every Turn


The brutal murder of a Member of Parliament has shocked the nation. The reason for the murder appears bizarre
As videos of the slaughter of several corrupt politicians go viral on social media, those who considered themselves untouchables are scurrying for cover

The vigilante’s next target is a war hero and a top constitutional lawyer who took three bullets for the country
Why then he is the target ?

Jagan Jigyasi and his Special Crimes Division of the CBI have to race against time to stop the killings
The legendary lawman has never failed to solve a crime

The war hero is as brilliant in the courtroom as he is in facing a speeding bullet.

The vigilante is a devious as he is effective in instilling the fear of God into those who think they are above the law !
Who will be the last man standing ?

Well , these are the intriguing characters that are the benchmark of this riveting fiction Fear Of God By Vadhan. The book has all that makes it a race read. The story is fast paced and never loses its sheen . It keeps the reader engrossed what will happen next and when one reads it one is left wondering the future plot.

The book generates the interest among readers with its wonderful narration and keeping the audience hooked right from the start. Said to be thriller it stays that way right through. That’s the way thrillers are meant to be right !

The murder of member of Parliament Prakash Kumar sets the ball rolling for thrilling joyride ahead. Each chapters have suspense and characters play their roles well to keep one guessing what next ?

The story starts as any other suspense thriller with politicians executed ruthlessly but very smartly by a person who wants to make corrupt people change for fear of death. It picks pace once the CBI team is formed and investigation is conducted like any other crime.

There are pertinent questions like under whom all the murders were taken place? Will send the CBI be able to catch the culprit? What was the reason behind this brutal murder? Why the culprit was only aiming the people who were into corruption?

The suspense part of the book is maintained till the last page and that is what makes this book an unput-downable read. The victims are portrayed in detail and the back story of each of them is narrated so that the reader gets to connect with the protagonist easily. What makes it interesting is the apt character buildup of each of the characters. They bring life to the story told.

Moreover, With a rather unusual and mysterious headline this book is indeed a surprise  mystery thriller and each chapters have a twist in the tale .

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