External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar Opens Up On The LAC Imbroglio With China ; Terms Sri Lanka Situation As Sensitive And Complicated

Picture : Twitter / ANI

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar took a strong position on the Sino-India border row and asserted any unilateral attempts to change the Line of Actual Control (LAC) will not be “countenanced” by India, and insisted that the ongoing problem was a fallout of the neighbour occupying strategic areas in 1962.

As per report by PTI, The Union minister’s response came while answering a query seeking India’s official position with regard to former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi’s tweet claiming there was “increasing Chinese infiltration” into Indian territory.

He also said India was globally viewed as a compassionate nation, when asked if its image has changed to intolerant.

“As to what has happened in the last two years, we have been very clear and very effective in ensuring that no attempt to change the status quo unilaterally on the Line of Actual Control will be countenanced by us,” Jaishankar said at a “Meet the Press” event .

He added efforts were on to resolve the boundary issues between the two countries through discussions involving their military commanders and diplomats.

On the Sri Lanka crisis, S Jaishankar was quoted as saying , The situation in Sri Lanka is sensitive and complicated. Our support is for the people of Sri Lanka because they are our neighbours. We want to help them go through a very difficult phase in their lives.

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