Devendra Fadnavis Makes Big Charge, Alleges Nawab Malik Has Underworld Links

Picture : Twitter / ANI

BJP leader and former Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Tuesday alleged that state minister Nawab Malik and his family members entered into land deals with people associated with the underworld.

Fadnavis also claimed he did not have this information earlier (when he was the state’s chief minister).

The BJP leader said had he found this previously, he would have exposed NCP leader Malik earlier. Notably, Malik earlier this month sought to link the BJP with an alleged narcotics dealer by tweeting the latter’s photograph with the former chief minister’s wife Amruta Fadnavis.

Malik had also posted a similar photograph of Devendra Fadnavis with alleged the drug dealer.

The former CM had then said he will make revelations about Malik’s underworld links after Diwali and also share the same with NCP president Sharad Pawar.

On Tuesday, Fadnavis said, “Nawab Malik and his family members were part of a company which purchased land in Kurla (area of Mumbai) at a very low rate by making some fictitious documents. There are four such land purchase deals where I can firmly say that Malik has entered into land deals with the underworld.”

He claimed the land was purchased from Sardar Shahwali Khan and Saleem Ishaq Patel, who were convicted in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts case.

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