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Demi Lovato Back With Her New Track Called ‘I Love Me’

Singer Demi Lovato has dropped her new single “I Love Me”. The 27-year-old singer has also released the song”s official video where she is seen making a reference to everything that has happened to her in the last few years, including her hospitalisation in 2018 after a drug overdose.

The video, which premiered on MTV Live, features three versions of Lovato all pulling her in different directions until she finally realises that loving herself is the only thing that will bring her happiness.

Lovato has also drawn inspiration from her Disney Channel roots, her family and her relationships.

The singer later talked about the new track while talking to Zane Lowe on his New Music Daily.

“This track is all about loving yourself. You know?. It”s an anthem. It talks about how hard we are on ourselves and the negative self-talk (and) how easily we can listen to that. But when is loving yourself gonna be enough?” Lovato said.

The musician said she will be releasing a brand new album soon. Her LP was 2017”s ”Tell Me You Love Me”.

“I”m actually (still) finishing up some of the album. It was gonna be done a lot earlier… and then, after my performances, we kinda went back to the drawing board. I thought, ”What is this album missing? Am I really putting out the best work that I possibly can?” So I”m just taking a little bit more time with it,” Lovato added.

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