Delhi Yellow Alert : Long Queues Outside Metro Stations , Bus Stops As The 50 Per Cent Capacity Order Begins

Picture : Twitter / ANI

After city buses and metro in the national capital began to operate with 50 per cent seating capacity, people around the city expressed their concerns as they are facing issues in commuting.

However, a few sections of people also supported the decision considering the increasing number of COVID-19 cases.

With the fresh restrictions imposed by the District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA), the Delhi Metro operates at 50 per cent seating capacity and no standing passengers are allowed.

A commuter said, “We have to leave our house 2 hours before the scheduled time. Here on the bus, they don’t take passengers, but at the bus stand, the crowd is gathered. We have to stand for hours because of which we are late for our work.”

“Buses are coming but due to less seating capacity the waiting time for passengers has increased causing crowding at the bus stop,” said a commuter.

Speaking to ANI, Vikas, a bus marshal said, “Our focus is to avoid crowding inside the bus and make sure there is physical distancing, everyone is wearing masks and following COVID-19 guidelines.”

Meanwhile, long queues were seen outside Laxmi Nagar and Akshardham metro stations.

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