Congress Party Monetised Non-Core, Loss-Making Assets , But Modi Government Plans Is A Day-Light Robbery Of Assets – P Chidambaram

Picture : Twitter / ANI

Senior Congress leader and Former Union finance minister P Chidambaram has slammed the Centre’s National Monetisation Pipeline (NMP), saying his Congress party monetised non-core, loss-making assets when in power, in stark contrast to what the Narendra Modi-led government proposes to do.

Addressing a press conference , Chidambaram said the Congress never sold off strategic assets. We always ensured that there is no monopoly in monetisation as we chose assets based on criteria,” he said.

Chidambaram asked the government if provisions will be included in the invitation to bid (ITB) to ensure the monetisation process doesn’t create monopolies or duopolies in the sector.

What provisions will be included to prevent monopolies emerging in ports, airports, telecom and power sectors,” he asked.

What the Modi government plans is a day-light robbery of assets which took years to build,” he said.

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