Chanakya’s View : Understanding India In Transition By Pavan K Varma

• Is Hinduism the exclusive preserve of the most strident groups?

• Are the elites of ‘Lutyen’s Delhi’ stuck in a time warp?

• Should India call Pakistan’s bluff and brand it an enemy nation?

• Why do MPs disrupt parliament and waste the taxpayers’ money?

• Why shouldn’t a grand Ram temple be built in Ayodhya?

• Why is India’s foreign policy more ad-hocism and less strategy?

In Chanakya’s View: Understanding India in Transition, Pavan K. Varma, best-selling author of Adi Shankaracharya: Hinduism’s Greatest Thinker, analyses the challenges that India faces today. In a minute and frank critique, he points to behavioural change as the need of the hour: Indians need to respect institutions, shun intolerance, accommodate dissent, follow strategic diplomacy and increase their moral quotient. At once a celebration of India and an appraisal of it, Chanakya’s View is a roadmap to making the republic a truly great one.

One of India’s foremost public intellectuals, and also a politician, Varma firmly believes that India will sustain owing to its great civilisational heritage and the strength of its people. As a committed admirer of the great strategist Chanakaya, he is convinced that these years of transition will ultimately lead to a maturation worthy of the world’s largest democracy.

Chanakya’s View : Understanding India In Transition
Pavan K Varma
Pages : 352
Price : Rs 699

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