Centre Clueless On Fuel Price Rise : Nirmala Sitharaman Has No Answer When It Will Come Down

As the rise in fuel prices continues to pinch the common  man, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman  has said that she won’t be able to answer when the prices of petrol and diesel will be reduced.

“I won’t be able to say ‘when’. It is a ‘dharam sankat’ (dilemma),” she said at an event in Ahmedabad after being asked when would the Central Government reduce fuel prices, which have increased sharply in the past few days in the country.
“It is not just the cess. You have an excise duty of the Centre, then you have the Value Added Tax (VAT) of the states. You are right when you say that the centre earns more. Everything that the centre earns, 40 per cent goes to states. So there is just no hiding the fact that there is revenue there. It is not just me, you ask any state. There is revenue there…. There is revenue consideration, both by the centre and state and that is why I strongly believe it’s no longer competitive,” she added.

The Finance Minister reiterated that the only way to find a solution to this problem is that the “Centre and states should hold a dialogue.”
“I agree that the end-users should pay less for fuel. I concede that’s where action has to be. Let’s see what we can do,” she said.

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