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Picture Courtesy : Deccan Chronicle

Indonesia- Earthquake- Tsunami Death Toll Rises Alarmingly, Now Over 1200

Indonesia have stated that more than 1,200 people are now known to have died in the quake-tsunami that smashed into …

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Three Researchers Share 2018 Nobel Physics Prize For Inventions In Laser Physics

In a rare honour three researchers  have shared the 2018 Nobel Physics Prize for inventions in the field of laser …

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Picture Courtesy : Abb Takk News

Update Indonesia Earthquake – Tsunami : Death Toll Rises, Now Above 800, People In State Of Shock

It has been a nightmarish last few days in Indonesia ever since the powerful earthquake and tsunami  struck leaving the people …

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Kavanaugh and the Myth of Judicial Independence

By Amar Diwakar Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh is primed to be Trump’s bulwark against any future indictment by …

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384 People Die As Powerful Tsunami Triggered By Earthquake Hits Indonesia

In a tragedy of magnetic proportions at the time of filing the report as many as 384 people  according to media …

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Picture : NewIndianExpress

Iran Vs USA : Donald Trump Trying To Oust His Government, Alleges Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

The face- off between Iran and the USA came to the fore  at the 73rd Assembly of the UNGA in New York …

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File Picture Courtesy : The Indian Express

Shocker ! Abdulla Yameen Loses Maldives Presidential Poll To Ibrahim Mohamed Solih

Incumbent Maldives President Abdulla Yameen has suffered stunning defeat in the Presidential Elections losing to Opposition leader Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. …

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Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan Tweets, Disappointed By India’s Negative Response

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has called India ‘arrogant’ on in its decision of cancelling the peace dialogue between the …

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After High Court Breather, Nawaz Sharif Reaches Lahore, Party Men Welcome Him Back

Hours after the Islamabad high court suspended their sentences in a the Avenfield  corruption case ,Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharif, his daughter …

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Picture Courtesy : Train Traveling

In A First, Germany Introduces To The World A Train Powered By Hydrogen

Clearly signalling the start of a push to challenge the might of polluting diesel trains with costlier but more eco-friendly …

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World Watch Update News, Online News of World Watch

The section brings to fore the  affairs of the world . What is happening in which corner of the world is all here. It has all the issues and covered incisively with quotes from news agencies which give the correct ground situation. From US President Donald Trump, The Britain’s Brexit, the arrival of Boris Johnson , the ever changing political equations in Europe . The dominating influence of China, Japan are followed. It brings also the nations which not many see or know North Korea for instance. What is the situation in the middle east, Israel , Palestine. The Gulf nations – Saudi Arabia,  Iran , Iraq .  The political situation in Afghanistan. The political scenario in Russia.

Look the upcoming US Presidential polls in 2020. Can Trump get a second term ? How is Britain coping with the exit post Brexit? How is Boris Johnson faring as  a premier .? Can he deliver given the huge mandate he got in the recent national polls.

The threats  that European nations face from the terror groups likes the ISIS. How are they dealing with it . How the world is united to fight terror in any parts of the world. In the new world order – terror is the biggest threat to world peace harmony and development

How is the superstar cricketer turned politician Imran Khan handling Pakistan as Prime Minister? Are some topics which arouse interest and curiosity among readers . World Watch tries to give them all.

G- 8 , G- 20 summits , the annual United National General assembly sessions, the role of the  United nation security Council, too get a role when they  take up the role of intermediary between the nations to solve disputes that had ravaged the nations involved. They also step up efforts to break the ice between the nations so that peace is not put at risk. And stage is not set for  war. That would be catastrophic for the world.

The political developments in Asian nations like – Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines,  and the ones  in the sub- continent  the likes of – Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Myanmar too are kept watch.

How is the equation between the SAARC nations in all the fields ?

How is the world coping with the deadly coronavirus and what has been the impact of it globally . And how long will it take to bounce back.