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The Independence Of The Central Bank By Raghuram G Rajan

  As I entered my last few days in office, I wanted to leave explaining why an independent central bank …

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SP – BSP Alliance : A Gamble That Could Be A Potential Game Changer

The much talked about Lok Sabha Polls of 2019 are just few months away . And the state which sents …

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India vs Australia Tests 2018-19 Preview : No Excuses This Time For Virat Kohli And Ravi Shastri

Picture : BCCI / Twitter

After having failed to win Test series in South Africa 2-1, England 4-1, the Test series in Australia is without …

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How Important Will Be The Results Of December 11, 2018 For Both BJP And Congress

The elections in five states   beginning on November 12, 2018  and Results on December 11, 2018, are been widely tipped …

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How To Strengthen Cooperation For A Water Secure South Asia

Brahmaputra [Image by: Deep Goswami]

South Asia is witnessing unprecedented water challenges and risks. The impacts are wide-spread and intense. From receding glaciers in the …

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Economic and Technological Determinism

By Professor Matias Vernengo A while ago now I discussed technological determinism, and the existence of economic laws, even if not in …

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Kavanaugh and the Myth of Judicial Independence

By Amar Diwakar Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh is primed to be Trump’s bulwark against any future indictment by …

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Suicidal If England Test Series Loss Is Swept Under The Carpet

Picture : twitter

Hopes were high when Team India under Virat Kohli left for the long England tour . It began well winning …

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What Does Aspiring China’s Military And Economic Engagement In Myanmar Really Mean For The North East?

File Picture Courtesy : The Myanmar Times

On Aug 24 the UN Human rights Council published a report affirming that the Myanmarese Army led a pogrom in2017 …

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Atal Bihari Vajpayee : The People’s Prime Minister

File Picture

On a late evening in December 2006, having missed the last bus to my destination, I had my dinner at …

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