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Was This May Day, The Worst Day For Labour?

Amidst the pandemic, the Parliamentary Committee on Labour, submitted its report on the 23rd April, a week before the May …

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#Remembering A Legend : Our One And Only Chuni Goswami

” Chuni Goswami is no more” a cousin informed me last night from Kolkata . I felt a deep sense …

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COVID-19 And Its Menacing Shadow On The Sporting Arena

The outbreak of the coronavirus from China has left the world numbed and left countries struggling to battle the unforeseen …

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COVID-19 Outbreak An Eyeopener, Pertinent Now To Have A National Health Policy For Everyone

The redeeming feature of India’s encounter with Coronavirus Pandemic since March 2019 is the Prime Minister Narendra Modi leading the …

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The Quandary In The North-East , Indigenous Or Autochthonous ?

  The reported recommendation of the committee appointed by the center to suggest measures to implement clause 6 of the …

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China-Pakistan Bonhomie In The Time of Coronavirus

Just a few days after Pakistan president Arif Alvi’s visit to China, where he shook hands with Xi Jinping in …

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How An Unknown Coronavirus Resulted In Mass Exodus

THE second decade of the 21st century has seen an unprecedented event; you may call it a scare, you may …

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When The Khiladi Left Shahenshah , Baadshah , Dabangg And God Of Cric

By donating a whopping Rs 25 crores to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s PM-Cares Fund to fight COVID – 19 …

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#Congress Crisis: Time To Empower The Young, Look Beyond The Gandhi’s

File Picture The dramatic exit of Jyotiraditya Scindia from the Congress and subsequently joining the BJP has once again brought …

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Picture : BCCI/ Twitter

Team India’s Listless Showing In New Zealand, Time For Reality Check

Having won the T20 series 5-0 against New Zealand, Team India under Virat kohli got off to a fine start …

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It is pertinent to point out  that the editorials/ opinions are bipartisan in nature and looks at national interest in the right way. Analysis is done basis of facts and reports and change in political dynamics . It is an attempt to present before the audience  the real picture from the ground  and the repercussions the particular law , legislation , or election , sporting victory , or electoral loss or gains would affect the concerned parties and give suggestions as to what should be the road ahead for them respectively.

The edit also firmly and unequivocally respects the verdict given by the people to a parties  during elections and respects the parliament  and the constitution without any doubts whatsoever.  All in all opinion gives the insight to a event , occasion and the results of a nation in the year . It looks at various sectors with deep focus be it – politics, business, sports, entertainment , world affairs so that the people are aware of the world around  and also  get informed about wht a policy decision would do in their lives if it comes into force like the GST and Demonetisation or the nationalistic side with the balakot air- strikes, what it means to India ‘s new shift in the war against terror. Opinion looks at situations like these at a wide angle and leaves it for the audience to  judge it on the basis of the arguments and facts  presented in the various write- ups.