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Why North East Has Been A Veritable Laboratory For Political Experiments

There has been no Alexis de Tocqueville to write on democracy in India though it has been a remarkably functioning …

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The Implications of The Tripura Verdict

The implications of landslide victory of the BJP in Tripura election and rejection of the CPM by a mixed electorate …

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Weekend Wrap : Cong-BJP face-off Over Nirav Modi, Army Chief’s Bloomer, AAP’s Inept Governance

Embattled Jeweller Nirav Modi continues to be the big news maker after the sensational revelations of his Rs 11, 400 …

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Weekend Wrap : Acche Din Faces Reality Test, Kashmir On The Boil, Nirav Modi’s Fraud

  It has been a exhilarating and tense week as far stories are concerned . Pakistan’s repeated ceasefire violations and …

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The Challenges Ahead For The North East Region

After seventy years of independence it is time for the North East to take stock of developments since 1947 and …

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Lalu Has A Penchant For Cows, But Its Fodder Proved To Be His Nemesis

One afternoon, in 2005, just before addressing a press conference on passenger amenities and freight movement, the indomitable Railway minister …

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The Implications of The China–Myanmar Economic Corridor

The reported move of China to build an economic corridor with Myanmar on the lines of China Pakistan Economic Corridor …

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RaGa has to realize and understand the prescriptions of the changing times

Rahul Gandhi’s coronation was indeed the biggest puzzle that kept the political commentators on the tenterhooks for several months, making …

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Rohingya Repatriation Agreement — Too Good and Too Soon ?

The report that on 23 November last Bangladesh and Myanmar had signed a deal at Naypyidaw, the capital of Myanmar …

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Rosogolla : A Delicate Sweet Doesn’t Deserve A Rough Tussle

Every time Sishir Behera 44, visits Bhubaneswar, he makes it a point to drive down to Pahala and fill his …

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Opinion is basically the  Edit  section of the site . It is an opinionated section where authors bring to the fore their own interpretation of various events analysed in their own way how they look at it  as it happens. In a vibrant democracy there  should  be  always  a right to agree and right to disagree . Opinion section  provides exactly that scenario. Written in short and some times long way the aim is make the people know the gravity of the unfolding scene . The columns here could be of any topic or interest  . It could be sports, business, politics, entertainment , some national crisis, major announcement, policy initiative, a new act in parliament or a profile of leader who had been a newsmaker in recent times with his shrewd political acumen . Or a Business  man who had made it big on a forbes list among others.

It is pertinent to point out  that the editorials/ opinions are bipartisan in nature and looks at national interest in the right way. Analysis is done basis of facts and reports and change in political dynamics . It is an attempt to present before the audience  the real picture from the ground  and the repercussions the particular law , legislation , or election , sporting victory , or electoral loss or gains would affect the concerned parties and give suggestions as to what should be the road ahead for them respectively.

The edit also firmly and unequivocally respects the verdict given by the people to a parties  during elections and respects the parliament  and the constitution without any doubts whatsoever.  All in all opinion gives the insight to a event , occasion and the results of a nation in the year . It looks at various sectors with deep focus be it – politics, business, sports, entertainment , world affairs so that the people are aware of the world around  and also  get informed about wht a policy decision would do in their lives if it comes into force like the GST and Demonetisation or the nationalistic side with the balakot air- strikes, what it means to India ‘s new shift in the war against terror. Opinion looks at situations like these at a wide angle and leaves it for the audience to  judge it on the basis of the arguments and facts  presented in the various write- ups.