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Settling the Greatest Debate

Picture Credit- Twitter

By winning his record breaking 8th Wimbledon crown at the Hallowed lawns of All England Club at Wimbledon, London, Swiss …

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Bollywood: A Melting Pot of Nationalism(s)

Image: Representative Purpose By Roshni Sengupta That the world is in a state of flux is in plain sight, for all …

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Are Indian Employees Immature? A Counter-view


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The Politics of Hatred

By Professor Himanshu Rai I am deeply saddened by the hatred that is being spewed left, right and centre (politically …

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While the World sees China as global power, for India it is US : Survey

Picture Courtesy : Politico

We are in a truly multipolar world. The US is still ahead, but large swathes of the world view China …

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Our Demoralised Higher Education System: A Lived Experience

Representational Purpose Only, Source: Wikimedia Commons By Dr Shraddha Srivastava  I am astonished when I was gone through the many …

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Weak and Wobbly

By Amar Diwakar The U.K. general election verdict is official: a hung parliament it is. Devoid of an overall majority, the …

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Beyond the Rentier State: The ‘Uneven & Combined Development’ of the Persian Gulf

  By Amar Diwakar The experience of the world economy since the postwar boom has been one of sharp divergence, …

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The Board of Confusion for Cricket in India

BCCI on the one hand is taking the fight head on with game’s ruling body the ICC over its revenue …

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Syrian Civil War: Levantine Charnel House: An Analytical and Moral Cul-de-sac

By Amar Diwakar Scratch the surface, and the sectarian nature of the Syrian civil war is a subterranean expression of an …

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