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The Audacious Military Coup In Myanmar Has Grave Implications For The North East Region

Strange though it might seem, Myanmar, a province of the Indian colonial state till 1937 sharing 1600 km of land …

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5 Assembly Polls 2021 : On To The Election Jamboree

From March 27 onwards till the results come out on May 2, 2021  the country is all set to witness …

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The Unprecedented Hype And The Disappointment

When the venue for the Third Test between India and England was scheduled to be played at the newly built …

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As Assam Heads To The Polls Soon , Handing Two Contentious Issues Are Proving To Be A Headache

In the week ending February 20, 2021, statements made in Assam by two leading public figures of Assam- Justice Ranjan …

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Parliament Session : Slogans – Andolanjeevi, hum do hamare do, Na Jawan na Kisan, Budget Like Never Before Hog Limelight

The much talked about first phase of the Budget session of parliament saw the government and the opposition in a …

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Why ‘Eternal Diplomat’ Sachin Tendulkar Is Facing Heat Over A Tweet

The ‘God of cricket ‘ Sachin Tendulkar would have never imagined that a tweet of his could generate such a …

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#Battle For West Bengal : What If BJP’s High Octane Campaign Blitz Fails To Deliver?

Buoyed by its performance in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections in West Bengal, where out of 42 seats, BJP won …

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Greta Thunberg In A New Avatar – From Climate Change To Farm Laws

“You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words. And yet I’m one of the lucky ones. …

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With Brazen Violence On Delhi Streets, Farmers Agitation Loses Goodwill

For over 65 days the farmers protesting against the three farm laws passed by the Centre were carrying out a …

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Budget Session : Stormy One On The Cards With Farmers Agitation, ArnabGate, China Among Others

The forthcoming Budget session of Parliament beginning on January 29 with The Union Budget Presented On February 1, 2021 , …

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It is pertinent to point out  that the editorials/ opinions are bipartisan in nature and looks at national interest in the right way. Analysis is done basis of facts and reports and change in political dynamics . It is an attempt to present before the audience  the real picture from the ground  and the repercussions the particular law , legislation , or election , sporting victory , or electoral loss or gains would affect the concerned parties and give suggestions as to what should be the road ahead for them respectively.

The edit also firmly and unequivocally respects the verdict given by the people to a parties  during elections and respects the parliament  and the constitution without any doubts whatsoever.  All in all opinion gives the insight to a event , occasion and the results of a nation in the year . It looks at various sectors with deep focus be it – politics, business, sports, entertainment , world affairs so that the people are aware of the world around  and also  get informed about wht a policy decision would do in their lives if it comes into force like the GST and Demonetisation or the nationalistic side with the balakot air- strikes, what it means to India ‘s new shift in the war against terror. Opinion looks at situations like these at a wide angle and leaves it for the audience to  judge it on the basis of the arguments and facts  presented in the various write- ups.