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SSR Probe : NCB At The Forefront While CBI Takes The Back-Seat

It was on August 19, 2020,  that the Supreme Court handed over the Sushant Singh Rajput case to the CBI …

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Naga Insurgency : Is There A Solution In Sight Ahead ?

The report that the Government of India is keen to reach out to the Naga rebel Groups to put an …

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A Series Arranged For Sachin Tendulkar, Why Not A Farewell Game For Mahi?

Now that Jharkhand icon  and arguably India’s greatest skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni has announced his retirement from International cricket bringing …

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Can The Congress Silence Its Critics?

When I came to the house and found that my seat had been changed, I was wondering why. When I …

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Nadir Of Democracy : When Legislators Come With Price Tag Attached

In India right from the beginning, there has been no real and effective democracy. The first prime minister of India …

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Assam’s Nightmare : Ravaged By Floods, Huge Erosion Of Land And COVID-19

The caption of a cartoon published recently in a leading daily of Assam -” our resources are national but not …

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Will The Recent Indo-US Energy Strategy Aid Atmanirbhar Bharat?

Amidst the low demand for oil in the context of the extended effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the global …

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Kangana Ranaut’s Tirade Against Rivals Could Make Or Mar Her Career

Audacious ,outspoken and upfront actress Kangana Ranaut has once again in an interview to a news channel has lashed out …

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Has The Modi Government Developed Cold Feet Over The Implementation Of The Contentious Citizenship Amendment Act?

Guwahati based Assam Tribune reported on 17th July, 2020 that the statutory 6 month period for making the Rules to …

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The Brave New World In The Wake Of Covid-19

“Thinking is not one of the natural activities of man; it is a product of disease like high temperature in …

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Opinion is basically the  Edit  section of the site . It is an opinionated section where authors bring to the fore their own interpretation of various events analysed in their own way how they look at it  as it happens. In a vibrant democracy there  should  be  always  a right to agree and right to disagree . Opinion section  provides exactly that scenario. Written in short and some times long way the aim is make the people know the gravity of the unfolding scene . The columns here could be of any topic or interest  . It could be sports, business, politics, entertainment , some national crisis, major announcement, policy initiative, a new act in parliament or a profile of leader who had been a newsmaker in recent times with his shrewd political acumen . Or a Business  man who had made it big on a forbes list among others.

It is pertinent to point out  that the editorials/ opinions are bipartisan in nature and looks at national interest in the right way. Analysis is done basis of facts and reports and change in political dynamics . It is an attempt to present before the audience  the real picture from the ground  and the repercussions the particular law , legislation , or election , sporting victory , or electoral loss or gains would affect the concerned parties and give suggestions as to what should be the road ahead for them respectively.

The edit also firmly and unequivocally respects the verdict given by the people to a parties  during elections and respects the parliament  and the constitution without any doubts whatsoever.  All in all opinion gives the insight to a event , occasion and the results of a nation in the year . It looks at various sectors with deep focus be it – politics, business, sports, entertainment , world affairs so that the people are aware of the world around  and also  get informed about wht a policy decision would do in their lives if it comes into force like the GST and Demonetisation or the nationalistic side with the balakot air- strikes, what it means to India ‘s new shift in the war against terror. Opinion looks at situations like these at a wide angle and leaves it for the audience to  judge it on the basis of the arguments and facts  presented in the various write- ups.