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Young girls at a well in Gujarat, which is already facing a water scarcity [image by: Mark Charmer]

With Low Water Reserves, A Blistering Indian Summer

The omens for this summer are bad in South Asia. Afghanistan received the lowest snowfall in years, spiking fears of …

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The problems with resettlement and rehabilitation was one of the reasons of the escalating social costs of the Tehri dam [image by: Sharada Prasad CS]

Hydropower in the Himalayas: the economics that are often ignored

Of all Himalayan nations, China has made the most progress towards hydropower development. This has been driven by three major …

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The rejuvenated Mongla port is expanding very rapidly [image by: Soumya Sarkar]

Rapid Industrialisation Poses Pollution Risk To The Sundarbans

Mongla port is a hive of activity. Several oceangoing vessels are anchored in the harbour and there is a steady …

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Hmouki, a farmer in Manipur, is worried about feeding her family during the dry season [image by: by Ninglun Hanghal]

In Rural Manipur, Women Feel The Heat of Climate Change

It is that time of the year when the weather is dry and windy. Hmuoki has to work even harder …

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As agricultural productivity flounders in the Sundarbans, unskilled labour is all the residents have to sell [image by: Mike Prince]

Migration Always Good? There’s No Straight Answer

By Rituparna Hajra and Tuhin Ghosh In India, 55% of male migrants send remit­tances to support households have left behind. …

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A bridge over the Yarlung Tsampo / Brahmaputra, in the west of Lhasa [image by Eric/Flickr]

Opinion: The Madcap Scheme To Divert The Brahmaputra

Last year a proposal to divert the Brahmaputra, one of Asia’s major rivers, from Tibet into Xinjiang province was posted …

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In the Himalayas, most women have to walk miles on hilly terrain to fetch water as local water sources are depleting [Image by Hridayesh Joshi]

Uttarakhand Villagers Harvest Rainwater, Recharge Springs, Avoid Long Walks

By Hridayesh Joshi Life for 29-year-old Sangeeta Devi wasn’t the same eight years ago until a huge water storage tank …

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Coastal erosion, high soil salinity and increasingly violent cyclones have forced the young out of their homes in the Sundarbans, living behind only the old people, children and women [image by: Soumya Sarkar]

Sinking Sundarbans Islands Underline Climate Crisis

By Soumya Sarkar Kalyani Mandal has gone way past hope. Living in Dhoblat Shibpur, a coastal village on Sagar Island …

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The Union Minister for Finance and Corporate Affairs, Arun Jaitley, (third from left) addressing a Post Budget Press Conference [image courtesy: PIB]

Environment And Climate Change Gets Short Shrift in Union Budget 2018

Soumya Sarkar, Juhi Chaudhary & Sapna Gopal As the Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley rose in Parliament to present the …

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The Marusudar river, a major tributary of the Chenab, on which the Bursar hydro power project will be constructed

Jammu & Kashmir Hydro Project Cleared Without Site Visit

By Athar Parvaiz The Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) has given a green signal to the 800 MW Bursar …

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