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Teamwork Arts Announces ‘Jaipur Literature Festival – WORDS ARE BRIDGES’ In Association With HarperCollins India

Language is not just a medium of expression but so much more. It is an embodiment of cultural identity, an …

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Richa Gupta’s Slices Of Life – Stories Of Women In The Current Chaotic Times

An urban housewife looking for a suitable cook, a thieving maid, a bride-to-be planning her marriage, an adulterous husband, a …

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Karan Puri’s New Book #MeToo – Fiction Short Stories

Noted fiction author and food and lifestyle blogger Karan Puri launched his new book #MeToo – A collection of Short …

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Q&A : Value Your Roots. Do Not Desecrate Historical Sites And Monuments – Shobha Nihalani

From the author of NINE trilogy (Penguin India), Unresolved – A psychological thriller (Hachette India), The Silent Monument (Tara Press) …

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Penguin Random House India : An Extraordinary Life – A Biography Of Manohar Parrikar

This July 2020, Penguin Random House India is set to publish the extraordinary life story of Manohar Parikkar An Extraordinary …

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Coming In July By Penguin : GONER By Tazmeen Amna

This July, Penguin set to release a blazing fictional debut that takes you inside the tense and complicated mind of …

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Penguin India’s Biggest Fantasy Novel- Hunted By The Sky By Bestselling Author Tanaz Bhathena

GUL HAS SPENT HER LIFE RUNNING. She has a star-shaped birthmark on her arm, and in the kingdom of Ambar, …

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Fateful Triangle – How China Shaped US-India Relations During The Cold War

A key question today is whether India and the United States can or should develop ever-closer ties as a way …

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Penguin Random House India : A Burning By Megha Majumdar

They seek to rise—to the middle class, to political power, to fame in the movies. One is Jivan, a Muslim …

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PAN MACMILLAN INDIA : With All Due Respect – Defending America With Grit And Grace By Nikki R Haley

The New York Times and USA Today bestseller A revealing, dramatic, deeply personal book about the most significant events of …

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The section is clearly one of the main attractions of the site . It has the latest books – preview , reviews, short takes, Extracts from books  of  leading authors.  And yes ,  books from all major publications . Name it all – Penguin Random House, India, Harper Collins India, Pan Macmillan  India, Simon And Schuster , Aleph Book Publications, Rupa Publications, Roli Books to name a few,

By clicking the book section one can get books according to one’s interest it ranges from Politics, Romance, fiction, Thriller, Non- Fiction, Autobiography , Business , Sports,    Religion, History,  among others.

Short Q& A with the authors are there to add variety and up close interaction about their work and their books. What all they read and what inspires them most to write . The story peg they love writing upon.

Here  the aim is to give the readers what they like and the subject they like to read during their pastime. It gives the info of the latest bestselling book, the hot author and the books that are released and also that are coming soon to you.

The various lit fests in the country over the last few years with the Jaipur Lit fest been the benchmark has meant that the craze and love for books have only gone up and the beet- selling book by say Shashi Tharoor, Amitav Ghosh, Rajdeep Sardesai disappear from the book stores shelves very quickly as the audience is keen to read with excitement what topis they have dwelt on in their respective books.

In an era of mobile and internet , books have their own place and will never fade away. The vast crowds at lit fests and  eager to read audiences at books stores indicate people like to read , read and read. We at the site cater to the reader’s taste and want .