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Former US President Barack Obama’s Memoir ‘A Promised Land’ Breaks Record, Sells 890,000 Copies In First 24 Hours

Former US President Barack Obama’s highly anticipated memoir “A Promised Land” has sold nearly 890,000 copies in the US and …

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The Battle Of Belonging- On Nationalism, Patriotism And What It Means To Be Indian By Shashi Tharoor

There are over a billion Indians alive today. But are some Indians more Indian than others? To answer this question, …

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Book Review : How I Built This By Guy Raz

With an intriguing heading and arousing a sense of curiosity How I Built This by Guy Raz takes through a …

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Penguin Set To Release Sonu Sood’s Autobiography ‘I am No Messiah’

Sometimes, a little nudge from the universe pushes one to find his raison d’etre in life. If actor Sonu Sood …

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HarperCollins : The Commonwealth of Cricket By Ramachandra Guha

  HarperCollins Publishers presents The Commonwealth of Cricket, which promises to be the most interesting book on cricket of the …

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Penguin Presents 50 TOUGHEST QUESTIONS OF LIFE By Deepak Ramola

50 Toughest Questions of Life invites people to have a conversation about themselves with themselves. Deepak Ramola’s quest began after …

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Penguin Set To Release Balance By Deanne Panday

There are 13 aspects in life, that lend it meaning, purpose, happiness and peace. When each of these aspects is …

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Book Extract : The Homecoming And Other Stories By Sri M

  The Homecoming Kondanda Shivanna Thimappa was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. A coffee-gilded silver spoon would …

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Penguin : How To Improve Your Concentration By Aditi Singhal And Sudhir Singhal

Our world today is filled with distractions that demand our attention every few seconds. The constant messages, notifications and pop-ups …

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PENGUIN Set To Release A Gritty And Heart-Wrenching New Book On Hamid Ansari’s Captivity And Return To India

Humanity was what bound him; humanity is what set him free. PENGUIN set to release a book on Hamid Ansari’s …

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The section is clearly one of the main attractions of the site . It has the latest books – preview , reviews, short takes, Extracts from books  of  leading authors.  And yes ,  books from all major publications . Name it all – Penguin Random House, India, Harper Collins India, Pan Macmillan  India, Simon And Schuster , Aleph Book Publications, Rupa Publications, Roli Books to name a few,

By clicking the book section one can get books according to one’s interest it ranges from Politics, Romance, fiction, Thriller, Non- Fiction, Autobiography , Business , Sports,    Religion, History,  among others.

Short Q& A with the authors are there to add variety and up close interaction about their work and their books. What all they read and what inspires them most to write . The story peg they love writing upon.

Here  the aim is to give the readers what they like and the subject they like to read during their pastime. It gives the info of the latest bestselling book, the hot author and the books that are released and also that are coming soon to you.

The various lit fests in the country over the last few years with the Jaipur Lit fest been the benchmark has meant that the craze and love for books have only gone up and the beet- selling book by say Shashi Tharoor, Amitav Ghosh, Rajdeep Sardesai disappear from the book stores shelves very quickly as the audience is keen to read with excitement what topis they have dwelt on in their respective books.

In an era of mobile and internet , books have their own place and will never fade away. The vast crowds at lit fests and  eager to read audiences at books stores indicate people like to read , read and read. We at the site cater to the reader’s taste and want .