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Britney Spears’ Documentary About Her Conservatorship Unveiled By Netflix

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Ahead of pop singer Britney Spears’ next conservatorship hearing, streaming giant Netflix has unveiled a trailer of ‘Britney vs. Spears’ documentary.

For the unversed, Britney’s conservatorship began in 2008 after the singer had several mental breakdowns publicly. Her father Jamie Spears served as both a conservator of her estate and person for more than a decade, but, in 2019, he temporarily stepped down as manager of her person due to his own health issues. Jodi Montgomery temporarily took his place for the past two years. And earlier this year, Britney and her lawyer filed the official court petition to request the removal of Jamie as conservator of the songstress’ estate.

As per the trailer, it seems like makers have explored Britney’s conservatorship in a detailed way.

“I just want my life back,” Britney says, as the trailer opens to showcase her life story about being an independent pop star to living a life under a conservator.

“I’ve worked my whole life. I don’t owe these people anything,” Britney’s voiceover is heard saying in the clip.

The Netflix project, directed by filmmaker Erin Lee Carr, will also feature unidentified experts (one speaker whose name is provided is Adnan Ghalib, the paparazzo who became her boyfriend at the height of her struggles that brought about the conservatorship), reports Entertainment Weekly.

The next hearing in the case is set for September 29.

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