Boom In Tourists And Investments Gives Kashmir New Life

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After decades, Kashmir has all the reasons to smile. First, the tulips are in full bloom and second, it’s people are returning to their roots and sending out the message loud and clear that they belong to Kashmir and likewise. Yes, just like the blooming of the tulips, there is hope blooming in the hearts of Kashmiri pandits looking forward to resettle and re-establish themselves from where they were uprooted overnight in the most in-humane manner. Past few years, Kashmir has seen record number of tourists like before, clearly signalling that all is well and safe in this Heaven on Earth which, once upon a time, looked no more than a cantonment state with military personnel’s all over! Life has started to look normal for it’s residents who are trying to do away with the scars the ‘90’s had left etched in their memories. Kashmir is getting back to life and thanks to the government efforts, realising the pain and apathy of the people left homeless in a matter of time.

If one goes through the reports, special jobs for the Kashmiri migrant youth under the PM package has been an important component for the rehabilitation of Kashmiri migrants. Post abrogation of Article 370, many migrant candidates have returned to Kashmir for taking up the jobs that have been provided to them under the rehabilitation package. The article has been a boon and a great achievement towards the normalisation process.

The return to normalcy has not only been a good news at domestic front but globally too. CEOs from India and Gulf countries recently visited valley to look for business and investment opportunities in the region. Members from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries – Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, people from Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia mostly from real estate, hospitality, development, food processing and agriculture showed their keenness to invest in the valley. The government is hopeful to bring an investment of over Rs 70,000 crores in near future, generating a minimum of six to seven lakh jobs in Jammu and Kashmir. With an influx of such huge investments, situation definitely seems to be on a brighter side. People who still continue to stay in refugee colonies in parts of Jammu and other states of India have ample reasons to go back and settle where they belong.

Revival of life in Kashmir, once again, is a clear signal to many that Kashmir is an integral part of India and well belongs to it’s people. Recently released film, Kashmir Files, successfully re-ignited the emotions of the people, looking eager enough to visit their broken and shattered homes and hopeful of normalcy like before. For it’s people who have suffered enough, have the right to enjoy the Shikaras, beautiful gardens of Shalimar and Nishat Bagh, the must- visit Chaar Chinaar and the latest, Tulip garden obviously! Time has come to enjoy the Kehwa and the Kangris in their homes in Kashmir.

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