Book Extract : The Angels Of Kailash By Shubira Prasad

After getting a tremendous response to the Demons of Jaitraya, her first book in the trilogy on the battle between humans and demons, Shubira Prasad is now back with The Angels of Kailash . Here is an excerpt from the book.


Adheesh walked for half a mile searching for medicinal flowers. Gradually, he became aware that they were at the base of Mount Kailash, inside a pyramid-like structure. He now wished that he had paid more attention to the theory in the Gurukul. He remembered his guru saying that Mount Kailash comprised of 108 pyramids. Evidently these 108 pyramids made up the huge pyramid which is Mount Kailash. He regretted his inattentiveness now. At that time, he had been preoccupied with other subjects which he thought were more important. He couldn’t help marveling at the masters who had created the syllabi of their Gurukuls. There were at least ten lectures on Mount Kailash, of which he had paid attention to only two or three. Most of the classes were about it being the gateway to heaven which did not interest him too much. He knew that the only time he would welcome heaven or Nirvana would be when every demon irrespective of its size, gender or ferocity was eliminated from the face of his beloved Earth. And this was not going to happen in a hurry. They had taken so many births to destroy these demons and the demons were still going strong. He had been engrossed in learning the great martial skills and mastering so many weapons and of course thinking about Aishani that there was no time to pay attention to anything else. Despite the catastrophe which they were facing, Adheesh’s knowledge-seeking instincts and adventurous spirit were coming to the fore. Any other time, he could have spent days and even months here just by walking around, seeing things from his own perspective.

As he descended slowly to procure the herbs, he strained his mind to recall the classes which he had so indifferently attended. He had been coming to terms with his emotions and his past lives and destiny. He just had to focus and regurgitate the stored memories of what they had been told about Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar. One concept he found fascinating was that time travelled much faster in this region than in the lower plains of the country. Had Garuda Devta dropped them here in the past, so that by the time everybody healed they would catch up to their present time? He mulled over this possibility. Slowly, the essence of his classes on Kailash Mansarovar began seeping into his conscious mind. His Gurus had lectured that the sacred peak was considered to be the central axis of the world and is known by scientists as the Axis Mundi, sometimes called the World Tree. It is written in the Rig Ved that He has made mountains, trees, hills as pegs to hold the Earth in its place yet fixed them in such a fashion that it still rotates on its axis and revolves around the sun. Four great rivers too have their origin in Mount Kailash: the Brahmaputra, Indus, Sutlej and Karnali. Then there are the two great lakes, Lake Mansarovar and Rakshastal which are situated at the base of Mount Kailash. Adheesh also recalled that no human being had ever been able to climb Mount Kailash excepting one Buddhist Lama in the thirteenth century. The reason for this was that the track would unexpectedly change, or the climber would suddenly find himself moving in the opposite direction or some other obstacle would loom up. Some people either went back or just disappeared. Maybe God’s ganas (minions) made sure that under no circumstance was any human being to be allowed to reach Mount Kailash. Humans were at the lower rungs as far as spirituality was concerned.

Publisher : Vitasta Publishing

(Carried with due permission from the author)

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