Book Extract : It’s Only Live Once By Ishan Kamdar


It’s Only Live Once by Ishan Kamdar is a unique book that highlights the experience of sports for players and sports lovers in the current times. Written using “book cricket” the action unfolds in real time, with the twist and turns of a real-life game. Experienced from the perspective of a millennial fan with access to the internet, a short attention span, and a thrill for live sport. This is the first cricket book that introduces a female character into the ‘mens’ team and pulls in twitter characters and conversations in a never before seen manner.

An Excerpt
“Are you scared of facing Jules and Khan out here? England kept them away from the warm-up matches so you wouldn’t get a feel for them?”
“Ha-ha, no, not scared of them. We know Mo very well from his time playing in IPL and obviously Jules has been around for ages, and we have come up against him a few times over the years. For sure they are both very different in these conditions, but I don’t think they will worry the boys too much. Of course we will give them the respect they deserve, but not much more than that. If they miss their lines we will be ready. They know the ball flies off our bats just as quickly as it comes onto it.”
“It feels like Kumar is on form at the moment?”
“Very much so: he has had a great few months. He captained the Goa Rangers to their title and really led from the front at the top of the order. He batted well in the warmup game here so is getting his eye well trained to these different wickets. As you saw, he has also been giving the crowds lots of catching practice, which is his style of play very aggressive and positive. Jules should be scared of him.”
“And just before we let you go get ready, how was playing with Sonia in Mumbai?”
“Well she is a true professional to be honest, and we had a great time. It was her first IPL and everyone was unsure of what to expect, but as a team we took a chance on her, and it worked really well. The fans absolutely loved her and I think she was more of an attraction than me when we were touring. There were crowds lining the streets whenever we rolled into town. Certainly, she has changed the game for all of us and she is setting a great example for a lot of young girls out there”
“Can you pick her googly?”
“I am getting better at it! We got to spend a lot of time in the nets with her, so we should know everything about her. I’m sure she will have some tricks up her sleeve though. Doesn’t turn as much here as it does back home so she will have to be careful.”
“Thanks Sunil, I’ll let you get back to the team and start preparing, and we will see you back down here with the team in 20 minutes or so. Sam King, you’re next; welcome to the big leagues, ready to go?”
“Yeah, can’t wait Mike. Really want to thank Billy and Angus for giving me the chance. Hopefully I can do them and the team proud if my turn comes.”

“You have been scoring lots of runs here while the boys have been away in India, do you think that will help?”
“Hopefully yes, the domestic attacks are still very strong even if most of the boys have been called up to the IPL, so I hope that experience and knowledge helps me out. Middlesex have done well here in the last few years so I can take some confidence in being a part of that. Angus has also really been supportive of the boys around the squad, giving us advice, support, whatever we need, so we are ready to step in when called upon.”
“Will you be able to step up to an international level attack like the ones India have brought?”
“Don’t have much choice. I’ve been facing Khan and Pooran on the simulator, so I know what to expect but it’s different in reality. If I go through my normal routine and clear my mind I’ll be ok. To be good at this game you need to challenge yourself and step up. I’m ready for that next challenge and I hope I can help the team over the line.”
“Thanks Sam, get back up there and get ready. Good luck for today. Pat, that’s all from down here in the middle, back up to you.”

( Carried with due permission from the author)

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