Blow For Vijay Mallya , Loses leave To Appeal Against Extradition At UK Supreme Court

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In a major legal setback and perhaps opens up his chances of been extradited to India soon, embattled former King of Good Times Vijay Mallya has lost his application seeking leave to appeal in the UK Supreme Court.

This is his second rebuff from the UK court which in April 20 dismissed his appeal against a Westminster Magistrates’ Court’s extradition order certified by the UK home secretary. Mallya had 14 days to file this application to seek permission to move the higher court on the high court judgment.

The latest ruling will now go back for re-certification and the process of extradition should be triggered within 28 days.

The UK Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said Mallya’s appeal to certify a point of law was rejected on all three counts, of hearing oral submissions, grant a certificate on the questions as drafted, and grant permission to appeal to the Supreme Court.

Before the UK Supreme  Court ruling Mallya once again reiterated his desire to repay the amount due in a tweet

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