BJP-Led Government Fighting TMC Personally Not Politically – Mamata Banerjee

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West  Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has once again hit out Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Once again pointing to the bitter battle between the Trinamool Congress and the BJP.

In her latest jibe, Mamata reportedly said that she had no problem if the authorities choose to arrest her. She alleged that PM Modi was “compelling” his officers to send notices for “humiliating opposition leaders”, reported IANS.

West Bengal CM said that she opposed the interim Budget and addressed media for the same, so if they arrest her for saying against the Budget, she doesn’t have a problem.

Banerjee said, “My Hindi is not good. I said they may do it because this is their habit”.

To clear her stand, TMC supremo said she was not blaming the officials.

“I don’t blame the officers, because they are compelled to do that. I am told that Narendra Modi ji summons officers to his residence. He then tells them do something, do something to bring down the Opposition in the eyes of the people,” she said.

West Bengal CM said she was waiting for the day when even the person who cooks her food would be questioned by government agencies.

The supremo’s outburst came a day after Manik Majumdar, her close aide was quizzed by CBI in the multi-billion rupee Saradha ponzi scam.

Banerjee, however, threw a challenge to Modi saying “the way we do our politics with a pure heart, nobody else does”.

She alleged that Modi-led BJP government was fighting it “personally” as they were incapable of taking opposition politically.

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