Bengaluru Violence : Karnataka Home Minister Hints At SDPI Role, Vows Thorough Investigation Into The Riots

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Karnataka Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai said the role of the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) behind the Tuesday night violence in parts of Bengaluru, had come to light and investigation will go deep into it and their connections. The Minister said, four people associated with SDPI have been arrested in this regard and investigation is under way.

“K G Halli and D J Halli are peaceful since yesterday and there have been no untoward incidents…as the investigation is progressing new information is coming out. I cannot share with you everything, but in the days to come I will share before the media,” Bommai said in a report by a news agency PTI.

Speaking to reporters here, he said, as per the information gathered so far and video footage, most importantly the role of SDPI is coming to light. We are collecting more information regarding it, we are investigating deeply in this regard.

“Already, several SDPI office-bearers have been arrested. Muzammil Pasha, the SDPI district secretary is the main (person), also Firoz, Afraz Pasha and Shaik Adil, all of them are from SDPI. Their role is completely being investigated and they have been arrested,” he added.

Three people were killed after police opened fire to quell a mob that went on a rampage in a city locality on Tuesday night over an inflammatory social media post allegedly put out by a Congress legislator’s relative.

Pulakeshi Nagar MLA Akhanda Srinivasa Murthys residence and a police station at D J Halli were among those targeted by the angry mob.

The house of the MLA, who was not at home at the time, was allegedly set on fire. The rioters also torched many police and private vehicles, badly damaged the house and looted the belongings of MLA Murthy and those of his sister.A n ATM was smashed into pieces. After the arson and violence, the entire DJ Halli resembled a war zone.

Nearly 140 people have been arrested so far, in connection with the incident. Bommai said, through some video footage it has come to light that SDPI workers had come from neighbouring areas of K G Halli and D J Halli, and it is being investigated.

“The investigation will look into who are behind the incident, its links with other such incidents in the past. We will go deep into it and will not rest until we break through this conspiracy,” he said.

Officials are also gathering details on cases against the SDPI in Mysuru, Mangaluru and other places, Bommai said, adding that all angles at the local level are also being looked into like rivalry between and within political parties.

“Everything that might have led to this incident, we will investigate. Whoever is at fault or have supported it, we will take action even if it is an elected representative,” he added.

Assuring people of security, the Home Minister said, police have worked putting their life at risk, with COVID on one side and such incidents on the other.

“I appeal to people not to fear and cooperate in maintaining peace and order,” he added.

The SDPI on Wednesday had denied its role in the violence and had blamed police inaction.

The Karnataka government on Wednesday announced that a district magistrate would conduct an inquiry into the violence.

The government has also decided to recover losses caused to public property during the violence from the rioters.

Meanwhile, Muzamil Pasha and others have been named as one of the many accused in the FIR.

The police registered at least five FIRs in connection with the incident — two in Devara Jeevanahalli (DJ Halli) and three in Kadugondanahalli (KG Halli) stations.

Besides Pasha, police have named Afnan, Syed Masood, Ayaz and Allabaksh in the first FIR at DJ Halli. The second FIR has three names and ‘other 200 persons.’

The police in their FIR charged the rioters with barging into the two police stations with an intention to kill the policeman there and kill the Pulakeshinagar MLA Akhanda Srinivasa Murthy’s nephew whose alleged inflammatory post in social media enraged a section of the society.

Meanwhile, a contingent of the Rapid Action Force conducted a flag march in the riot-affected areas.

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