#Battle For Uttar Pradesh : The Congress party has focused on women, farmers and the youth in its manifesto – Sachin PIlot

Picture : Twitter / ANI

Former Rajasthan deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot has said the Congress party is in a position to be a better alternative for the people of Uttar Pradesh as they have already seen governments run by the SP, BSP and the BJP.

“The Congress party has focused on women, farmers and the youth in its manifesto,” he said.

“I believe that the Congress is in a position to give a better alternative. And the people have already seen the SP, BSP and the BJP governments. The results will come on March 10, and I think the condition of the Congress will be much better and people will give a chance to the party,” Pilot told reporters.

As per PTI report, Reacting to the Union Budget presented in Parliament, Pilot said, “The budget is a statement of account… which you can read anyhow, but the intention and its focus, I found it misplaced.”

“Three years are left in the tenure of the central government. If it wants, it can work to provide relief to the people in this bad situation, and this (budget) is a policy statement. If you read the figures only, it is insufficient,” he added.

“I do not think the government had any intention to heal the wounds or take some steps on unemployment so that the people get some hope,” the Congress leader said.

Replying to a question related to the REET-2021 paper leak case, Pilot said the government has ordered an inquiry, formed a committee and taken some strict steps.

The government will also bring a law in the Assembly so that such incidents do not happen in the future, he added.

“This issue is related to the future of the youth of the country, and the government should take steps in this matter. The investigation should be transparent and completed in a time-bound manner,” Pilot said.

Those found guilty should be given the harshest punishment, no matter how influential they are, he added.

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