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Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Recalls Pakistan’s Atrocities During Independence Struggle

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Pakistan’s atrocities during the war of Independence in 1971 are “unshakable memories” for Bangladesh, said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. “Incidents of 1971 cannot be forgotten. The pain will remain forever,” Hasina said while speaking with Imran Ahmed Siddiqui, the Pakistani High Commissioner in Dhaka, at the Ganabhaban, reported ANI.

Referring to the volumes of the book titled “Secret Documents of Intelligence Branch on Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman”, she said that all can learn many historical facts between the years 1948 and 1971 from the books, BDNews24 said. She further highlighted that the Urdu version of the book “Unfinished Memoirs” by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is a best-seller in Pakistan. “It’s well-read in Pakistan and other countries,” she said.

BDNews24 further reported Pakistan High Commissioner said that his country wants to strengthen ties with Bangladesh. He also congratulated Bangladesh Prime Minister of her leadership in the international arena.
BDNews 24 quoted her as saying that Bangladesh’s foreign policy is “friendship towards all, malice towards none”.
She also reiterated her belief in regional cooperation.

Communal harmony has been one of the important features upholding the Constitution of Bangladesh. Religious harmony has existed in Bengali culture for thousands of years.

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in one of his speeches said, “There are Hindus, Muslims, Bengalis, non-Bengalis in this Bengal. They are our brothers. It is our responsibility to protect them so that we are not discredited.”

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