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What Next For The Chinese Economy After The Coronavirus?

  As the country first – and so far most – affected by the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), China is now …

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Will The Coronavirus Outbreak Dent China’s Wild Meat Trade?

Experts have suggested that consumption of bamboo rats or pangolins may have enabled the coronavirus to transfer to humans [image: Alamy]

  China has a long history of dealing with issues of ecology from a consumerist perspective, probably best highlighted by …

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Five Takeaways From The UN’s Proposals To Protect Biodiversity

A campaigner informs a pedestrian about extinction level threats [image by: kthtrnr/Flickr]

Dubbed by some the “other COP”, UN negotiations over revised biodiversity targets and a new international framework for nature restoration …

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What Now For J&K’s State Animal And Bird?

The Hangul, or Kashmir stag, in Dachigam, the only area where its threatened population is stable [image by: Khursheed Ahmad]

Before August 5, 2019, when the former state of Jammu & Kashmir was converted into the union territories of Ladakh …

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Report To National Green Tribunal Raises Spirits In Kashmir

The Hokersar wetland in Kashmir [Image by: Athar Parvaiz]

At a time when Kashmir’s forests face the axe and the government looks to demarcate land for investors from elsewhere …

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Kashmir’s Forests Face The Axe

Part of a degraded forest in north Kashmir’s Bandipora district [image by: Athar Parvaiz]

The former Forest Advisory Committee (FAC) of the erstwhile Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir was very busy in September …

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Kashmir’s Famous Dal Lake Suffers During Political Uncertainty

Srinagar’s iconic Dal Lake has been suffering from neglect for decades, despite many interventions [image by: Faisal Bhat]

Jammu & Kashmir’s second largest lake is on the verge of extinction. Different governments of the erstwhile state pumped millions …

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Patna Drowns As Climate Change Meets Corruption

Record breaking rainfall exposed the dysfunctional urban planning and corruption in Patna [image by: Prashant Ravi]

They found him stranded inside his waterlogged home. Dressed in shorts and slippers and with a few bags by his …

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Climate Change Resilience Needs Investment Now

COP 14 commemorates the 25th year after UNCCD was founded, but many problems remain similar [image: UNCCD]

In coastal Odisha, flash floods often devastate the paddy crop, leading to severe distress among farmers, who have to suffer …

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To Tackle Climate Change, Rethink What You Eat

The way we produce, consume and discard food is no longer sustainable. That much is clear from the newly released …

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